MAY 2018
Are Robots Replacing Lawyers in the Near Future?
Via Pixabay.

Are Robots Replacing Lawyers in the Near Future?


A few days ago Joaquín Muñoz, Head of IT&IP at ONTIER, got to engage in a conversation with the Dean of the IE Law School, Javier de Cendra, in which they talked about technology and the legal industry.

Muñoz states that robots won't replace lawyers, however lawyers now have the opportunity to seize the developments of new technologies to work smarter. He also notes that lawyers need to combine their legal skills with knowledge in new technologies in order to succeed. Knowledge in new technologies should be promoted ever since university studies in order to improve the standards of specific training in the legal field.

This conversation was also joined by Andrew Arruda, CEO at Ross Intelligence, who talked about the possible uses of technology to reach a leading position in the market.